Saturday, April 25, 2020

Tiger Beers Supports Local

Being an avid-foodie myself, it pains me to know that the food and beverage industry in Singapore is going through a very difficult time right now. With circuit breaker measures in place, patrons like us are now no longer able to dine-in at restaurants we often frequent or gather at our usual hangout spots for a drink or two.

In fact, just a few days back while I was queuing for my favorite chicken rice at the hawker centre, the owner of the store told me that the business had taken a massive hit and that it had plummeted by at least 30% since the circuit breaker measures kicked in. While this pandemic has caught everyone off-guard, I'm sure that we can all still do our part to help support these hawkers, restaurants and bars during this difficult period with takeaways and ordering via delivery services available.

If you are too afraid to leave the house to takeaway food, (I’m not blaming you, because everyone is taking their own set of precautions right now), I know another way you can do so!

If you love freshly brewed beer, then you’d be familiar with Tiger Beer. Our local beer is everywhere - supermarket shelves, coffee shops, hawkers centres, bars and even restaurants ( here’s a little fun fact, I love Tiger Radler to bits and wish they could bring back the Cucumber and Mint edition). Tiger Beer is doing their part to help the community and has launched a 'Support Our Local F&B' initiative as part of their #SupportOurStreets campaign to support local f&b businesses.

This initiative allows you to make a contribution of $10 or more to the #supportourstreets fund at the link provided here - 100% of what you contribute will be distributed amongst the 450 participating food and beverage outlets. In fact, the kind folks at Tiger have already kick started the funding with $100,000 and what’s more, will be pledging up to $600,000 worth in beer sponsorship. Kudos to them for going all out to support these establishments when they reopen.

Well you must be thinking, for a contribution of $10 - what am I in for? Contributions are out of goodwill, but Tiger wants to give you more reasons to celebrate once things get better. For every $10 contribution made, you will receive a digital drink voucher redeemable for two Tiger beers at participating outlets when they resume operations. No minimum spend or strings attached, you get two drinks - thanks to the folks at Tiger!

There is no limit to the number of times you can make a contribution, so if you are with me and want to help save the F&B industry, feel free to contribute more if you are able to! Now excuse me while I head on over and make another contribution.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

La Gritta Phuket

Phuket is known as a popular honeymoon escapade, but how often do you actually find a romantic restaurant on the island? We found one, nestled within Amari Phuket, one that serves up a menu filled with delectable choices of homely yet near to fine-dining kind of standard Italian cuisine that's set to impress any date, or even if you just need a night out with friends.

With a choice of indoor and alfresco seating, we highly recommend you sit outdoors if the weather permits and if you want to get a little bit of breeze. If you need the air-conditioning though, it's a no brainer - head on inside.

Helmed by Chef Patrizia Battolu, who brings an wealth of experience having spent a majority of her career in Italy, she currently leads the La Gritta team with her authentic Italian and excellent culinary skills. We had a chance to speak with the lovely chef that personally came out after her service to ensure that every table was enjoying themselves.

To start off the meal, grab a cocktail or two from their exquisite one-of-a-kind cocktail menu. The Mango Sticky cocktail resembled the characters you would get if you were devouring the classic Thai dessert, except that this was in liquid form - from coconut to mango and somewhat a tinge of rice (we don't know from where). For something tangy to the palate, the Thai Passion is also a great choice.

For starters, we had the Insalta Di Mare, highly recommended by the chef herself. It also happened to be one of our favourite dishes of the night. Plated beautifully in a complete circle was lobster, king prawns, scallops and crab avocado. I'm allergic to seafood but this was so impressively described, I had to try a little. The seafood was fresh and the sweetness from each ingredient came through without much or little seasoning.

If you like your Gnocchi, you have to try La Gritta's version of this classic Italian dish - Gnocchi Spuntature E Salsiccia. Think soft pillowy handmade potato Gnocchi bathing in a generous amount of homemade spicy tomato pork ribs and Italian sausage base. If you have been eating chewy Gnocchi your whole life, this is going to be a game changer, because they are meant to be soft and pillowy - just like how they do it at La Gritta.

The Fungi Porcini was also a crowd pleaser, with ample truffle scent that will whiff up your nose once it reaches the table, or maybe 5 seconds prior. Using an assortment of mixed forest mushrooms, drizzled with truffle oil and topped off with Taleggio cheese, we liked this dish very much, except that we recommend it for sharing because the truffle can get a little intense after your fourth of fifth spoonful.

If there is one dish you have to order at La Gritta (well, unless you are vegetarian or don't take beef), it has to be this Wagyu Tomahawk. Perfect for feeding 3, or even 4 persons, this steak was seared so perfectly, we couldn't find any fault with it, literally. Served in a 1kg portion, the entire piece of meat has great marling and fat to meat ratio with a slight beautiful char on the outside. Paired with a medley of sauces, this is one dish you definitely won't want to be missing out when you visit.

Now while we mentioned earlier that it is difficult to find a romantic restaurant in Phuket, I think we also forgotten to mention that a good Italian place is pretty hard to come by. La Gritta nailed almost everything on the menu that we tasted, and safe enough to say - we highly recommend visiting if you need the Italian fix whether or not pizza, pasta or a fantastic piece of meat off the grill.

La Gritta
Amari Phuket
2 Meun Negen Road
Patong Beach, Kathu
Phuket 83150
+66 7634 0106-14

This was an invited media session.